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Welcome to Hong Kong Academy of Homeopathy!

arden-bw-150x150歡迎光臨 醫道學堂,植根香港的順勢醫學教育、研究、臨床中心。

《老子 道德經》:「為學日益,為道日損。損之又損,以至於無為。無為而無不為。」順勢醫學之療劑製煉與處方,正是為醫之道。

Welcome to Hong Kong Academy of Homeopathy!

We are established to provide education in Hahnemannian homeopathy for professionals as well as laymen to the highest quality.

Our first project is an One Year Essential Course to provide a solid foundation in the principles of classical homeopathy as laid down by Dr Samuel Hahnemann and the old masters.  It’s probably the first of its kind in Hong Kong with great emphasis on the philosophy of Hahnemann and method of Boenninghausen, so that students can learn how to use the tools of Materia Materia and Repertories.

We’ll continue the popular Homeopathy for Family Course which has been running since 2007 to provide parents and domestic prescribers with therapeutics of common acute conditions in adults and children.

Your feedback and suggestions are most welcome.

Aude sapere!

Arden Wong
Hong Kong Academy of Homeopathy

7th July, 2014.